Top 5 Handheld Vacuums

Vacuums have been our best cleaning buddies for decades; what began as noisy monster machines have now been reduced to convenient handheld tools. Although there has been an indefinite shift towards tiled floors in the recent years, there are still places in your house where a vacuum can be a necessity. We’ve scoured the internet and real-life sources for the top five handheld vacuums. If you were planning to invest in one, give this article a read!


The Black Decker Max Lithium Flex Vacuum is quite the vision. It has a certain appeal to it that draws any homeowner towards it. Not only is it a gorgeous, compact design but it’s also proven to be one of the best handheld vacuums out there. In fact, it’s Amazon’s Choice product so you can expect only greatness from it. The price tag on the vacuum might alarm you but the way it functions and the variety of functions it offers can maybe make up for it. Let’s break down all the ins and outs of this handheld vacuum and why we think it’s worthy to make it into our top 5 list.

Why Should You Get This?

The Black Decker Max Lithium Flex is a machine with capabilities beyond its size. Even the paper specs are impressive with its four foot flexible hose and different attachment options. The Black Decker comes in a cordless model with a powerful suction function powered by 24 AW. The body also comprises of a three stage filtration system that thoroughly captures dirt and dust and prevents it from escaping. This vacuum is powered by lithium batteries that supply a total of 24 watts and a 16 minute running time. In total, the machine takes about four hours to fully recharge. This handheld vacuum is ideal for scooping up dirt in the tiniest of corners and in the car. In fact, it’s also branded as a vacuum that can efficiently pick up and suck all those stubborn pet hair. Anyone with a pet knows how difficult animal dander can be to clean so if the Black Decker can do it in a single attempt, this vacuum is a must have. Also, emptying the vacuum bag is simple with the Black Decker Lithium Flex handheld vacuum. You can wash the bowl and thoroughly clean the inside of the vacuum without too much trouble.

The clip-on attachments that come with the model include flex vacuum, pet hair brush, 2-in-1 nozzle or a brush tool, and the long crevice tool for those pesky tight corners. Included in the body of the Black Decker handheld vacuum is a high-performance motor charged with lithium batteries.

This handheld vacuum is an ideal choice for those searching for convenience. Although all handheld vacuums provide a certain extent of comfort with their portability, this model in particular makes things even easier with its 4-foot long flexible hose that can reach just about any spot or corner in your house.

Who’s it for?

Handheld vacuums provide a level of comfort and convenience that conventional corded vacuums don’t. For this reason, the Black Decker can be the perfect decision for those that want to invest in smarter, more portable options. The Black Decker can find a place in both your home and your office. It can also benefit you in cleaning the interior of your car and reaching those tight crevices in your house. It’s also a great choice for those who have pets and a lot of pet hair to clean up.

Because the Black Decker Lithium Flex is a handheld powerful machine, it makes for a great quick cleanup tool. Vacuuming with this model is not only quick but also pretty effective and efficient.

Why did we pick this product?

After countless hours of researching, the Black Decker made it into our top 5 list of the best handheld vacuums for all the right reasons. Compared to its competitors, the Black Decker manages to produce a greater suction power and more convenience with its flexible hosepipe. The clip-on attachments add to the diversity of this handheld vacuum.

The most important thing, however, for the Black Decker to make it to the top is its lithium powered battery. The batteries are long lasting and supply an adequate power capacity to the vacuum. In fact, it’s one of those few handheld vacuums that have a battery life of more than 15 minutes. The charging time for the vacuum is also pretty decent and as you would expect from a good handheld machine – 4 hours.

The Black Decker Max Lithium Flex is a handheld model that works wonders for quick, suction clean-up jobs. It is able to collect and catch the tiniest of grit and dander and remove them effectively.

Pros and Cons

The pros clearly outweigh the cons of this handheld vacuum. What makes this model so great and better than almost all of its competitors is the variety and power of functions it offers. On the downside, however, the price tag on the Black Decker BDH2020FL model is quite alarming and on the higher end than most of its rivals. If the price is something that doesn’t bother you, we recommend getting this handheld model for all your vacuuming needs.

Dirt Devil Quick Flip BD30025B

Our lineup of the best handheld vacuums is pretty glorious but the Dirt Devil Quick Pro BD30025B deserves a spot high up in the list. This compact, portable machine looks classic and gets the job done pretty efficiently as well. Like its competitors, it is also one of the Amazon’s Choice products. However, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip does arrive with its share of drawbacks that we’ll discuss down below.

Why Should You Get This?

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro BD30025B is a magnificent tool to have in your home or in your office for a quick cleanup. It’s got some pretty impressive specs on it that make it a frontrunner in this category. Starting off with the actual body of the vacuum, the BD30025B model has a space-friendly design with an easy to use operating system. It is powered by 16 V lithium batteries that let the vacuum run for a decent amount of time.

This new model by Dirt Devil is also backed up with a faster charging time than its predecessors. However, when compared side by side to some of the other handheld vacuums on our list, the charging time might not still be the best. Nonetheless, the BD30025B does a great job for a quick cleaning fix. The vacuum also comes with a battery indicator that lets you know when you need to recharge your vacuum.

Attached to the handheld vacuum is a crevice tool that can help pick up debris from tight corners. How good this function really will be discussed later in the article.

The best part about the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro handheld vacuum is that it’s super easy to detach the dirt cup or tank from the nose of the device for quickly cleaning it.

Who’s it for?

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip makes an ideal companion for those who’ve got a lot of carpet to clean in their house. It’s convenient size and weight makes carrying the device easy just about anywhere. Even if you have a house of tiled floors, you might benefit from this machine for giving those mats and rugs a quick cleanup.

The vacuum performs well on hardwood and sawdust but it might not fare exceptionally well if you’ve got a car to clean or animal hair to vacuum. Although the Dirt Devil Quick Flip BD30025B is branded as a device that can help you tidy up your car, it’s doesn’t really do an effective job at that. You might be surprised to find the tank fill up pretty rapidly as well. Because the tank is small and fills up quickly, the suction power also declines equally fast forcing you to empty the tank frequently so if you’ve got a lot of cleaning to do with a vacuum on a regular basis, this one might just not be for you.

Pet owners might also struggle with the BD30025B. After testing out this handheld vacuum on pet hair and dander, it didn’t perform as well as some of its other competitors.

If you’re a homeowner that is looking for convenience and a small vacuuming task done rapidly, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro can do wonders for you. You can also benefit from the small size of the device and store it in any place of your home without worrying about it taking too much of your space.

Why did we pick this product?

Despite the limitation of features and functions on the BD30025B, there’s no denying that this handheld vacuum is an excellent choice with a great price tag to have in your home. The lithium powered motor does a great suction job with an adequate running time of 13 minutes. The crevice tool attached can also be used to clear and suck up any debris from edges and corners. What we love about the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro is the fact that not only does it do its job effectively but it’s also a pleasant sight to look it. The machine fits comfortably in your hands and it is super lightweight as well. Cleaning the tank of the vacuum is also simple.

Pros and Cons

The Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro BD30025B checks all the boxes for being portable, useful, lightweight, and – of course - elegant. It also comes at a good price with the function it offers. The running time on it is great and the charging time on this model has definitely improved.

We would have loved to see more features on this handheld vacuum though. Unlike most of its rivals, the Dirt Devil Quick Flip Pro doesn’t come with attachment options and the vacuum tank also has a pretty limited space. The suction power of the device is great for vacuuming sawdust but it doesn’t make an impression on us when it comes to cleaning up pet dander or the interior of the car.

Despite the areas this handheld vacuum falls back on, it’s still an excellent choice to consider for a quick vacuuming chore.

Eureka Easy Clean 71B

For the purpose of devising a comprehensive top 5 list for you, we thoroughly inspected and tested each one of the vacuums and Eureka Easy Clean 71B definitely impressed us. This handheld vacuum comes in a black and yellow body, small in size but slightly heavier in weight compared to its competitors. Easy Clean by Eureka is equipped with some amazing specs that make vacuuming an easy and effective task. Let’s break all the details down.

Why should you get it?

Handheld vacuums supply a great amount of convenience and Eureka Easy Clean does the same with its elongated hose and a powerful suction motor. The motor is, in fact, two in number with one dedicated for suction and the other for the brush. You can also attach the crevice tool on to the 20-foot long cord and deep clean the tight spots.

The vacuuming ability of the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is perhaps one of the best. After several experimental trials, we discovered that this small machine is one of the most powerful when it comes to the actual suction function. If that is all you’re concerned with, The Eureka Easy Clean can be your all-star handheld vacuum. The suction hose can pick up pet hair and dust with ease although it may not perform the best in the crevices and cleaning your car upholstery, The Eureka Easy Clean also has the property to shut off the brush roll for vacuuming hard surfaces. All in all, this handheld vacuum fared exceptionally well in our books when it came to the actual suction function.

Who’s it for?

Eureka Easy Clean 71B is a handheld vacuum for someone whose main concern is cleaning floors, carpets and large surfaces. If you’re a pet owner, you will undoubtedly benefit from this device as it removes pet hair and dander effectively in one go. However, if you’re looking for a good car vacuum cleaner, you may want to reconsider.

All good things aside, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is a machine that is slightly on the heavier side compared to the other vacuums we tried out. It’s about 5 pounds which, by handheld vacuum standards, is pretty high up. You might not be comfortable carrying around it with you everywhere so if you’re someone looking for a portable handheld vacuum, reconsider this option.

Plus, the Eureka Easy Clean is not a battery-powered vacuum cleaner. It comes with a wire so you’ll need to be around an electrical source at all times when you’re using the vacuum. The good part is that the vacuum has a fairly long hose so you can place the machine close by instead of carrying it around with you.

The Eureka Easy Clean is also notorious for producing a lot of noise pollution. If loud vacuum cleaners are something you find unbearable, look for a different option in the market.

Why did we pick this product?

After testing out various other handheld vacuums, the clear advantage of the Eureka Easy Clean 71B was the dynamic suction power. It vacuumed both quickly and effectively so it’s a great device for a quick and effective vacuuming chore. The motor on the device is also pretty powerful and the crevice tool can be helpful as well when cleaning the corners.

This handheld vacuum made it into our top 5 list mainly because of the power it can supply and its ability to pick up just about any kind of dirt including hair, sawdust and dander. The Eureka Easy Clean 71B can find its place in both your home and your office because of its multi-functionality.

Pros and Cons

As already described above, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is a powerful handheld vacuum with a beautiful design and body. It can suck up just about all kind of things that your house will require vacuuming and it can perform well on both hard surfaces and on carpets.

But the Eureka Easy Clean 71B does fail on several major criteria. If you can overlook these, go ahead and get this handheld machine for it will prove as a very great vacuum cleaning device. Out of all the handheld vacuums that we tested, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B was perhaps the loudest of them all producing an overwhelming sound loudness of 93dB. This means that you really can’t run the vacuum for a long time before a headache kicks in or a neighbor starts complaining.

Moreover, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B might technically be a handheld vacuum but it’s corded and is not battery operated. It is also heavier than most handheld vacuums which makes it less portable. This handheld vacuum by Eureka also didn’t perform very well in cleaning the car’s interior and the crevice tool on it produced less than satisfactory results.

Nonetheless, the Eureka Easy Clean 71B is a pretty popular pick and if you can overlook its cons, it can be your vacuuming fix.

Dyson v7 Car+Boat

True to its name, the Dyson v7 Car Boat handheld vacuum is a chimeric fusion of both a car and a boat in the shape of a fully functioning vacuum cleaner. It’s also a cordless model with multiple color options. When you first look at it, you might not even believe it to be a vacuum cleaner because of how distinct it looks. Rest assured, though, this machine by parent company Dyson is one of the most powerful suctioning machines we have on our list and there’s a lot to love about it. Not convinced? Read the full review down below.

Why should you get this?

The Car + Boat vacuum cleaner is a cordless device which means that you can carry the vacuum just about anywhere without worrying about whether you have a nearby electrical connection of not. You will have to charge the vacuum periodically after every use but the running time of the Dyson V7 is pretty impressive on the whole.

Since this handheld vacuum is cordless, you can easily take it to clean any part of your room and even your car. The tools included in the box the vacuum comes in are a car charged, a mini motorized tool, an extension hose, and a combination tool.

The Dyson V7 Car + Boat handheld vacuum has a powerful suction power with a motor that supplies a maximum of 100 watts of power. This vacuum is installed with the original Dyson digital motor version 7 and it’s probably one of the best models the company has to give yet. The entire machine is powered by lithium batteries that are fade free and long lasting. You will, however, require charging the machine after 30 minutes of running time. 30 minutes run time is one of the most longest we’ve seen in a handheld vacuum yet and that’s saying something.

Cleaning the Dyson V7 Car + Boat handheld vacuum is also made easier and much more hygienic than other vacuums. Instead of directly handling the cleaning and vacuum bag, this vacuum cleaner comes with a hygienic dirt ejector. With a single push of a button, you can eject all the dirt and contents of your vacuum cleaner without needing to touch the vacuum bag at all. This happens in one single action.

Additionally, the Dyson V7 Car + Boat vacuum cleaner comes with a 2 year warranty that covers parts and labor. An extended warranty is evidence of good quality and an even better customer service.

Who’s it for?

This unique looking suctioning contraption makes a good fit for anyone that needs a convenient vacuum cleaner that they can carry around with them just about anywhere. Because it’s cordless, you won’t need to worry about having a socket around you. The weight of the machine is also pretty average so carrying it anywhere is not a problem.

The Dyson V7 is also a vacuum cleaner you should consider if you need a quick car interior cleaning job done. This model comes in handy when it comes to car cleaning along with cleaning in tight spaces beyond reach. The crevice tool action might not be as highly advanced as some other vacuum cleaners on the market but it is still commendable.

The Dyson V7 Car + Boat vacuum cleaner comes with multiple attachments that you can use around nooks and crannies for a deep cleaning job. The long 30-minutes charge time is also pretty adequate for most cleaners and home owners.

Why did we pick this product?

The Dyson V7 Car + Boat provides an unmatchable performance when it comes to vacuuming. With its cordless properties and a long running time, this handheld marks all the right boxes for us. Additionally, the Dyson V7 arrives with several attachment tools out of which we love the crevice tool and the rotating brush the most. The crevice tool sucks up dirt and debris in the tightest of spaces in your house or in your car whereas the rotating brush has multiple uses including picking up pet hair and dust particles.

What’s more, the Dyson V7 has a hygienic ejector system that makes cleaning the machine easy and hygienic on all accounts. There’s no doubt that this handheld vacuum is one of the best we’ve seen and tested in the market with a lot of diversity under its belt.

Pros and Cons

When it comes to performance and function, the Dyson V7 Car + Boat is a clear winner. It has tons of different attachments, is cordless, and has a long running time. But all good things come with a hefty price tag and so does this one. The Dyson V7 Car + Boat is the most expensive machine we have on this top 5 list but if you can overlook the cost, then this handheld vacuum can be one of the best in the market for you.

Hoover Air Cordless BH52160PC

Compact, lightweight and dynamic are just a few adjectives that aptly describe the Hoover Air Cordless hand vacuum cleaner. Don’t be fazed by the light weight and the small size of the machine; the Hoover Air Cordless easily made it to our top 5 handheld vacuum list because of its highly efficient cleaning. Backed with an affordable price tag and HEPA filters, this vacuum cleaner is an all-in-one package that we highly recommend to homeowners.

Why should you get this product?

The Hoover Air Cordless is a handheld vacuum that is powered by 20V lithium batteries. The running time of the machine is around 24 minutes and that’s pretty impressive. It takes around 8 hours to charge which is in the average range for most handheld vacuums.

One of the things we absolutely adore about this hand vacuum is that despite the fact that it has a lightweight design and cordless features, it is still able to deliver a superior quality suctioning function which, at the end of the day, is what matters the most. To put the cherry on top, the Hoover Air Cordless ranks as one of the least noisy vacuum cleaners on our list. After testing, we found that the machine produced only 83dB during running.

The motor on this handheld vacuum is definitely one of the best we’ve seen. Not only is it a turbo tool that can pick up all kinds of dust and dirt particles but it is also installed with HEPA filters. HEPA filters allow for dust particles and antigens to be sucked up in the vacuum bag completely so that they create a clean and safe breathing environment for all those who are sensitive to environment allergens. This means that when you use the Hoover Air Cordless hand vacuum, you won’t have to worry about causing a sneezing episode or triggering asthma in susceptible individuals of your family. Only a handful of vacuums come with this feature. Brownie points for the Hoover Air Cordless for incorporating this healthy feature in its system.

Cleaning the vacuum bag is also a breeze. The reusable rinse filter can be washed with simple running water and it lasts for a fairly long time. The Hoover Air Cordless has a long two year warranty and fade-free batteries which add to its pros.

Who’s it for?

The Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner is a machine that is renowned for multiple reasons including its HEPA filters and its light body. The machine weighs only about 2.9 pounds which is seriously light and can be carried by anyone, young or small. This handheld vacuum is, therefore, not age restricted and anyone can use it with ease.

If you have a family member that suffers from hay fever or asthma, then the Hoover Air Cordless is a contraption that is made just for you. With its HEPA filters, you can create a safe and allergen-free environment for your family members in the house. The powerful turbo motor on this machine is also very effective and runs for 24 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. The suction motor can be used to clean carpets, hard surfaces and the inside of your car although it may not perform exceptionally well in tight spaces since the machine comes without an attachment hose.

Why did we pick this product?

There are many reasons why we picked the Hoover Air Cordless to be in our top 5 list. Most of the reasons have already been discussed earlier but the results of testing the product is what made us fall head over heels in love with it.

After a batch of tests, we found that the Hoover Air Cordless could effectively pick up all kinds of dust and dander including pet hair and saw dust. It also performed with excellence when we used it to vacuum the inside of a car.

The light weight of the machine made cleaning an easy chore to do and the long running time let us do a lot of cleaning before the batteries needed recharging. We were also quite dazzled with the significantly less noise the Hoover Air Cordless produced. Most vacuum cleaners become a hub of noise pollution but not this one.

All in all, the Hoover Air Cordless was definitely one of our favorites and that’s exactly why we chose it to be in this list.

Pros and Cons

There’s so much to love about the Hoover Air Cordless beginning from the powerful turbo motor, small and portable design, lightweight body, HEPA filters, less noise and a long running time. With so many good qualities, you would expect the machine to have a high price tag but it doesn’t. The Hoover Air Cordless is surprisingly one of the lower end vacuum cleaners in our list.

The only thing that we wish the company had included in its model is an attachment hose. An attachable hose makes cleaning in tight corners and places out of reach easier which is difficult to do with the Hoover Air Cordless Hand Vacuum Cleaner.

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